Paul Tavernor is one of the UK’s leading artists known for his distinctive depiction of wildlife in weathered elements and creating his own dynamic motion blur technique that he applies to his paintings.

​His stunning portfolio of animals has made Paul’s artwork highly collectable and a timeless reflection of British and European Landscapes.

In 2014, Paul created his first three-dimensional giant wire hare sculpture, like his oil 
paintings, his wire creations are sweepingly entwined in suspended movement. 

He also opened his first gallery in Poynton, Cheshire which alongside his own artwork features other established artists. 


Hand painted editions

Hand painted editions are embellished, limited versions of my original prints. To produce a print that looks and feels like the original with its own unique embellishment, I follow a careful process. I take one of my own limited edition prints, then adorn it with oil paints and other mediums. Each picture is unique and noticeably different from any other, an original painting in its own right. I limit my editions to a small number of prints, around 75.

The first in this exclusive range of four is “Taking a Stand” and “Moongazer”. To order any of these hand painted editions, please get in touch.